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Life Planning

Nobody has ever wanted their life to be all about owning a diversified portfolio. Rather, a diversified portfolio makes possible the things we want to do with our lives. But what are those things? Most of us tend to think about the things we’d like to do in our lives in terms of the money required to make them happen. This vacation costs this much. That house (or vacation home) costs that much. So we’re often setting aside the day to day life we want to lead as a means to accumulate the money necessary to get the things we want, later.
Life Planning turns this around. Life Planning is the process of discovering the full life we long to live and making it happen, no matter where we start. We call it Life Planning because what’s really important isn’t your money, it’s your life.

How We Work

There’s no mystery to financial planning. What it simply requires is taking a personal, in-depth look at your goals and deciding how you intend to achieve them. Once you decide what you want, you can make plans to get from where you are today…to where you want tomorrow.

1. Discovery Interview

At this meeting, We will listen to your financial concerns and discuss what financial planning can do to help you achieve your financial objectives.

2. Gather Information

If you decide to engage in the financial planning process, we move on to the next and most important step: data gathering. This is where we learn about all of your financial goals, objectives, assets, liabilities, income, expenses and other relevant information.

3. Analysis and Development

A preliminary analysis of the information about you is prepared. This includes reviewing all of your objectives and determining if they are feasible.

4. Plan Presentation and Delivery

After all of the alternatives and information is analyzed, a final plan will be presented to you. The final plan is a written document prepared especially for you by our team. It contains specific recommendations designed to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

5. Implementation

As your Financial Planner, We will explain how you can act on the specific recommendations in your financial plan by following a customized Action Plan.

6. Monitor and Update as Needed

In life, one thing is constant: change. Each year, and perhaps more frequently, your income, investments, assumptions, and objectives will change. Additionally, tax and other law changes could significantly impact your plan. This is why We stand ready to monitor and update your plan as needed.

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