Goal-Standard for Achieving Your Dreams

Award Winning Financial Planner, Sidney Divine, Shares His Strategies for Setting and Sticking to Goals The earliest remembered experience I had with goals dates back to leading into my sophomore year of High School. While I imagine that there were instances before, I believe that this particular instance stood out and would put me on […]

8 Money Moves You Should Make as an Empty Nester

The coast is finally clear. The kids have moved out of the house. Your home is officially an empty nest. It’s not just your home that has opened up, though. It’s also your budget. With dependents gone, your spending should drop — presenting an opportunity to ramp up savings as you close in on retirement. […]

Don’t Let Magical Thinking Jinx Retirement Planning

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Money for retirement won’t magically appear, although thinking it will […]

Don’t be fooled by the numbers — the industry is in a dangerously vulnerable state

If one were to look at the financial advice industry solely by the numbers, it would look pretty good. Median assets grew a whopping 16.8% last year, while median revenue grew by 11.7%, according to the 2018 InvestmentNews Study of Pricing & Profitability. The revenue number was substantially higher than the 5% growth recorded in 2016 and marks […]

Life Training System Helps Advisors Cut Stress and Connect to Clients

Can advisors get ahead by getting out of the rat race? Traditionally, no. The old model for financial services was all about long hours, cold calls and hard sales tactics.  But now as advisors switch from commission-based selling to a fiduciary model, many are looking for more balanced lives and a deeper connection with clients.  […]

Living In a Small House with Kids? How to Trade Up Without Busting Your Budget

Hiding out in the attic crawlspace for a little “me” time. Running late because you had to wait in line to use the bathroom. Constant jockeying for prime seating on the tiny sofa in the TV room during your family’s favorite shows. Sounds like your life living in a small house with kids, huh? Well, […]

Money and Meaning

A Message from George Kinder Regarding the Recent Protests Posted on June 3, 2020by George Kinder Dear Life Planners,   I write to you full of empathy for communities of color, who feel the impact of the coronavirus disproportionately and are subject to the effects of a racist system that disadvantages them economically and socially, endangering their very lives […]

College costs can sink parents, too

Student debt is often associated with young people taking out loans and putting off rites of passage after graduation to repay them. But mom and dad often sacrifice more. 4MINS April 6, 2019 By Mark Schoeff Jr. Beth Greulich, financial adviser at Abacus Wealth Partners, has seen parents’ joy at having their child accepted to […]

Is journaling the key to mentoring young planners?

SAN DIEGO — Sure, it’s tough to get started at any new career. But young financial planners have an exceptionally large hurdle to clear: gaining their clients’ trust. “Young planners struggle because they’re new,” said Stephen Brody, senior financial planner with Greenville Financial Advisors, told attendees at the FPA’s annual retreat. “Because of that, it’s […]